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National brands and multi-location businesses face a similar problem. As advertising has gone digital at the local level, it has become time consuming and costly to implement local PPC campaigns that link to local, stand-alone websites dedicated to everything local, while still maintaining your brand’s integrity.

Until Now…

EVOLVED (Electronic Versatile Organization of Logical & Virtually Emulated Data) enables the creation and implementation of unlimited, unique, local websites and local campaigns; thus, increasing relevance, ad rank and ROI.

Whether it’s one site, ten or ten thousand, EVOLVED plus our highly skilled PPC technicians generate massive digital visibility and higher overall results.

Whatever your product or service, no matter how big or small, you will increase your marketing efforts with an EVOLVED PPC campaign that dominates the search engines with local relevancy.

Evolve with a geo-targeted P.P.C. campaign

EVOLVED PPC campaigns enable national brands and multi-location businesses to implement hundreds of Geo-targeted, cross platform PPC campaigns designed to provide local relevance and qualified local leads.

According to Google, 80% of people head to the local store to make a purchase 1 day after doing a digital search on their smartphone and 73% take additional action. With 100 billion searches done monthly, statistics suggest that half of all inquiries have a local intent.

EVOLVED PPC enables cost-effective, relevant local campaigns never before possible. We Evolved because our technology’s Evolved.

Hyper Local Targeting: Geo-specific, corporate directed marketing programs. Nationwide, consistent and scalable.

Cost Effective: An efficient and cost-effective solution for the challenges of multi-local digital PPC advertising.

Mass Local Exposure: Massive geo-targeted PPC advertising visibility, and the building of local relevance on an enterprise scale.

EVOLVED Evolved PPC Advertising Agency 


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Localization is now a national problem for top performing brands and multi-location businesses. As the means of communication between potential new customers and brands continues to increase, the primary focus is on ‘local intent’. EVOLVED PPC specializes in developing and implementing cost-effective multi-location and enterprise-level local PPC campaigns for regional, national and multi-location brands.

EVOLVED Evolved PPC advertising creates, in part, local campaigns that link to local websites, helping clients to build local relevancy, regardless of the number of locations. 

Evolved is a powerful proprietary algorithm that, almost instantaneously, generates multiple, individualized, relevant, geo-targeted websites. Our PPC campaigns can be built on this highly relevant platform.  

Increasing digital visibility for local markets across the map, EVOLVED actuates the setup, launch and management of multiple locally based PPC campaigns and location-based microsites to support and grow their online network. 

Because potential customer’s needs may vary by state, city and neighborhood, EVOLVED PPC uses local ads, to appeal to each demographic, with relevant, locally targeted microsites. 

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We believe the status quo traditional PPC methodology of using one generic targeting strategy and static landing pages for all locations, including internal pages, loses relevancy and diminishes the local user experience. Having used both traditional and EVOLVED, we know the EVOLVED methodology exceeds the traditional.  

EVOLVED Evolved PPC advertising has years of experience in helping national brands and multi-location businesses connect with their target customers in a highly relevant way that both improves local user experience and increases conversations and ROI.

Increase the success of local advertising campaigns by incorporating what’s uniquely relevant to each searcher for each location. The traditional PPC static approach for all locations will produce some success, but not as effective or relevant as the dynamic, hyper-local EVOLVED PPC approach for each location. 

EVOLVE and Dominate in Evolved Markets with PPC Advertising & Organic Marketing Integration.

PPC advertising and organic search marketing are both individually effective, but the combination of the two creates a digital dynamic duo. The EVOLVED Platform successfully combines PPC and organic search marketing to increase new customer acquisition, expand and maintain brand authority, and produce a greater ROI for our clients.


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Why clients choose EVOLVED PPC campaigns

No contract

Our clients stay with us because they like the results that they get from EVOLVED PPC campaigns. That’s why we offer simple and flexible campaign agreements Clients get the ability to modify, pause or stop our service with a 30 day notice. No contracts mean clients have nothing to loose, allowing existing PPC advertisers to give us a try.

More Experience

EVOLVED PPC management blends technical expertise and real marketplace experience to build our clients a multi location, optimized and highly targeted campaign for their business. With over a decade of PPC management experience in multiple competitive industries, we minimize the learning curve and maximise client ROI. EVOLVED PPC experts understand how to effectively launch a multi-location and cross platform advertising strategy for your business from day one.

Better Results

EVOLVED PPC Management provides clients with both experience and technology. We use proprietary technology and experience to analyze and manage national and multi-location accounts, and deliver increased new client volume and increased ROI.

EVOLVED vs the competition

Lower Click Through Rates – single campaign exposure.

Lower Conversions – generic ad copy and website.

Less Budget Control– single campaign budget.

Higher Cost Per Conversion – Traditional PPC

Increased Click Through Rates – multiple local campaign exposure.

Increased Conversions – local and trusted relevant ad copy and websites.

Increased Budget Control– individual local budgets.

Lower Cost Per Conversion – EVOLVED PPC

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