An EVOLVED Addiction Treatment PPC Advertising Benefits

For addiction treatment centers that need to deploy and manage dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of geo-targeted PPC advertising campaigns face significant challenges in the sheer complexity of their operating environments.

E.V.O.L.V.E.D. PPC advertising is a proven solution for:

  • Reducing complexity in multi-location PPC campaign deployment and management
  • Deploy and manage multiple Addiction Treatment service area geo-targeted lead generation micro sites efficiently and at a low unit cost.
  • Scalable geo-targeted Addiction Treatment lead generation PPC microsites and advertising campaigns.
  • Reduced Dependence on Addiction treatment Lead Generation Vendors
  • Reduced Addiction Treatment Centers Lead Generation Costs
  • Increased Addiction Treatment Geo Targeted Brand Exposure and lead generation

"EVOLVED Addiction Treatment PPC advertising helps brands generate more business online by developing strategic media buying and search advertising campaigns utilizing cutting edge tactics & proprietary technology."

No Long-Term Contract Requirements

EVOLVED PPC Advertising clients stay because of the results that their campaigns generate. That’s why we offer simple and flexible campaign agreements, which allows clients the ability to modify, pause or stop our service with a 30-day notice. No contracts mean clients have nothing to lose, allowing existing PPC advertisers to evolve with us.

More PPC Advertising Experience 

EVOLVED PPC management blends technical expertise and real marketplace experience to build our clients a multi-location, optimized and highly targeted campaign for their business. With over a decade of PPC management experience in multiple competitive industries, we minimize the learning curve and maximize client ROI. 

EVOLVED PPC experts understand how to effectively launch a multi-location and cross platform advertising strategy for your business from day one. 

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Better ROI Results

Our EVOLVED PPC addiction treatment management uses proprietary technology and experience to analyze and manage national and multi-location addiction treatment accounts, and deliver:

  • Increased New Client Volume
  • Increased ROI
  • Increased PPC Click Through Rates
  • Increased PPC Conversions
  • Increased PPC Budget Control
  • Lower PPC Cost Per Conversion

“At EVOLVED franchise PPC advertising we integrate what we know with what you know, to come up with a winning, lead generating, and cost appropriate and sustainable formula. Our years of experience, considerable skill sets, analytical, yet artful, approach create a captivating marketing strategy that works. It works because we won’t stop working until you’re satisfied with the results.”

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