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The first place serious buyers go when shopping for a new vehicle is the Internet. Studies have shown that the majority of new-vehicle buyers use the Internet while shopping for a car and will visit auto dealer web sites before going into a dealership for a test drive. 

The truth is that only with a Geo targeted Evolved PPC advertising platform can an auto dealership evolve and maximize its online presence

 It's Time for Your Dealership to Evolve!

The auto sales marketplace as we know it is changing. Dealers can no longer rely on antiquated methodologies of generating because let's face it the outdated methodologies are not efficiently bringing in new customers!

Why Auto Dealerships Must Have Geo Targeted PPC Advertising Strategy

Given the latest trends in online shopping behavior, it is essential that dealers reevaluate their advertising budget to justify spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on print, broadcast, and direct mail advertising channels while internet leads, by comparison, are a bargain in terms of price and conversion rates.

  • 85% of customers are pre-shopping online
  • 60% of their car-buying time is spent shopping online
  • 66%-77% of car buyers are influenced by the web

Ten years ago, a single website marketing strategy was achievable and it worked well.  Five years ago, that strategy was still achievable, but it required more work.  Today, it is harder and harder for a single website to rank at the top of the Google search results for more than a few high value search phrases. It gets even harder if you target multiple geographic areas and multiple types of models and services.


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