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EVOLVED Evolved Lead Generation PPC Advertising

Lead Generation PPC is a proprietary automation technology that can create and manage national and multi-location geo targeted PPC advertising campaigns. EVOLVED Lead Generation PPC platforms virtually configures and matches content (data points) to deliver a truly personalized user experience. There is no existing technology that is as robust or configurable. None can increase conversions and your return on investment (ROI) the way EVOLVED Evolved lead generation PPC can.

The EVOLVED Evolved Lead Generation PPC platform delivers a scalable, cost-saving, geo targeted PPC advertising campaigns that drive local traffic to tens, hundreds or thousands of customized local leads converting micro sites. Micro sites can be customized to represent local variables without compromising corporate branding.

“EVOLVED Evolved PPC lead generation delivers quality conversions at a lower cost-per-lead.”

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EVOLVED Evolved lead generation PPC advertising is about delivering quality leads into a client’s sales pipeline.  We work one on one with our clients to gain an in depth understanding as to the types of leads that are most desirable and then set about creating an EVOLVED lead generation PPC advertising strategy to sync with our client’s business goals. EVOLVED Evolved lead generation PPC advertising programs consistently deliver digital inbound leads on a scalable and sustainable platform.

“Ready to EVOLVE your next lead generation campaign?”

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EVOLVED Evolved Lead Generation PPC Advertising Benefits

EVOLVED Evolved lead generation PPC advertising on major paid advertising platforms like AdWords and Bing Ads deliver the most measurable and cost-efficient strategy for new client / customer leads. EVOLVED Evolved lead generation PPC advertising campaigns evolve lead generation to the next level by focusing on delivering quality leads that convert into sales.

  • Enables national brands to be found locally by more people searching for their services.
  • Get more prospects, clients and customers into your sales and marketing funnel at a lower cost-per-lead.
  • Save time and money by acquiring higher-quality, better-qualified prospects.
  • Attract visitors who are actively looking for what your company offers.
  • Flexibly bid on keywords throughout different stages of your sales and marketing funnel.
  • Quickly display on Page 1 for all 3 major search engines.
  • EVOLVED Geo targeted micro sites reduce the cost of PPC advertising.
  • EVOLVED lead generation PPC advertising utilizes proprietary technology, and is offered to clients on an exclusive basis
  • Engage prospects close to their home with a trusted local website.

“Your Business Doesn’t Just Need Leads, It Need Leads That Convert.”

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