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EVOLVED Evolved Legal PPC Advertising

EVOLVED Evolved Legal PPC Search Advertising

The Internet has changed the legal advertising landscape, and has forced attorneys and law firms to re-evaluate how they connect with new clients in the digital world. This changing landscape has also impacted how referrals connect with law firms, as potential clients often validate a firm online before contacting them on the phone. To succeed law firms need to quickly increase their online visibility to ensure that potential clients will find their firm, and not their competition.

Studies have shown that more potential clients go to the internet to research law firm information. This makes it important for law firms to consider their advertising budget to focus on the channels where the most clients are searching for legal assistance. The connected consumer, regardless of the medium of connection, wants what they want and they want it now.

At EVOLVED Legal PPC, our Evolved law firm PPC advertising campaigns connect to consumers who are looking for the exact legal services offered by your firm.  At the heart of this connection is the relationship between how potential clients search and campaign managed keywords. Keyword strategy is the crux of a successful campaign.

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Our expert legal PPC team has extensive experience with legal keyword best practices. There are as many ways to search as there are people on this planet. Knowing the high-performing legal keywords and how to apply or modify these terms will produce a high degree of search accuracy and precision results.

The EVOLVED legal PPC team aims to reach consumers at the point at which they are ready to take action. How do we do this? With the right keywords, bidding strategy and ads precisely worded for conversion. It is no accident that our ads consistently maintain the top 3 positions on search and mobile platforms. It’s no accident that our clients bring in more calls, more leads and more conversions.

EVOLVED legal PPC specialists have been creating and managing PPC campaigns for large and small law firms and have managed legal PPC advertising spends of hundreds of thousands of dollars. EVOLVED Legal PPC campaigns are managed by a dedicated team of internet professionals with unparalleled expertise in the legal arena.

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