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EVOLVED Legal Has Extensive Experience Managing Law Firm PPC Advertising Campaigns

EVOLVED Evolved legal PPC campaigns are built to maximize new client conversions and the PPC advertising budget.  EVOLVED Evolved legal PPC campaigns target the specific practice and geographic areas that law firms want to be found for. Law firms pay the advertisers, Google, Yahoo and Bing directly and we charge a separate fee for setting up and managing their accounts.

“The EVOLVED legal management fee is handled on a month to month basis with no minimum time commitment or contract.”

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EVOLVED Evolved Legal PPC management is provided on an exclusive basis, which allows us to only work with one law firm per practice and geographic area. EVOLVED Evolved Legal pay-per-click services include:

  • Initial PPC advertising goals consult.
  • Legal PPC Campaign Setup  
  • Legal Keyword Selection.
  • Effective Legal Ad Development
  • Geographic Target Area Parameters
  • Mobile Advertising Campaigns
  • PPC Campaign Cost Management
  • Improved Conversion Rates 

“Years of legal PPC experience gives EVOLVED Legal clients a decisive advantage over their competition.”

EVOLVED legal has successfully managed millions of PPC advertising dollars for law firms nationally, and has developed proven strategies that produce targeted and cost- effective results.

“Now is the time to take advantage and put your practice ahead of the competition!”

EVOLVED legal team create precision targeted PPC campaigns, which are designed to lower advertising budgets by targeting the geographic locations, demographics and practice areas that client law firms decide are the most profitable for their business. EVOLVED Evolved legal PPC advertising methods produce results faster than any other digital marketing approach.

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