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EVOLVED Evolved Legal PPC Display Advertising

Evolved law firm display PPC advertising consists of banner ads and videos that display on websites and social media platforms. The banner ads put a firm’s message in front of potential clients searching websites for legal information. This type of legal paid advertising is very effective and should be considered for any law firm digital advertising program. 

Remarketing networks such as Google Display, track web searchers computers and search patterns and remember the information that they searched for. When they later search other websites that are part of Google’s paid display network.

Google’s search algorithm will read the tracking data on their computer and will display banner ads for relevant legal services. When a potential client searches a legal service keyword, display advertising for relevant legal services will appear on the selected websites in the display network.

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Display advertising allows law firms to target specific demographics. And works for well for niche legal practice areas. Online display advertising allows law firms to choose the third-party sites to embed your banner ads into. Clicks are easily tracked and monitored. For law firms that have a niche practice area that is of interest to a specific demographic and geographical areas, display advertising may help increase new client conversions and case acquisition.

Law firms can also use Google’s display advertising network to re-engage visitors who have already visited their website and then left to search elsewhere on the web. Remarketing or retargeting can help law firms accomplish multiple digital marketing goals.

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