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Legal PPC Converting Microsites

A legal (PPC) conversion website is where a potential client lands after clicking on a paid advertisement. The site is designed to:

  • Create a smooth transition from the searched keywords and paid advertisement,
  • Displays relevant information in a simple and easy to understand format,
  • Compels potential clients to action.

EVOLVED [Location] legal PPC advertising methodology for law firms is based on developing a complete paid search campaign designed to produce potential client leads and new client acquisition for our legal clients. EVOLVED [Location] legal PPC Geo targeted microsites are custom designed with:

Engaging Graphics 

EVOLVED legal PPC micro site designs create a positive user experience. People searching for a Evolved lawyer want to know that the attorney can help them solve a legal problem – and that starts with an aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand micro site layout and design.

“EVOLVED [Location] Geo Targeted PPC microsites are designed to be an extension of your advertisement”

Geo Targeted and Practice Area Relevant Copy

When someone clicks on your ad, they clicked because they liked the ad and want to see more related content. To ensure PPC campaigns maximize the use of marketing dollars by converting new website visitors into clients, EVOLVED Evolved legal PPC micro site content is designed to be a combination of informative and interesting content and call to action text. The objective is to gain a potential client’s trust, as well as having them contact you.

Trust Builders

When a potential client clicks through to a law firm’s microsite they are unsure of your firm’s expertise and experience. Legal services are expensive, and clients don’t want to make a costly mistake. A Law firm’s landing page is the first opportunity to provide and build trust; to make an excellent first impression.
Build trust with:

  • Testimonials
  • Awards & Professional memberships
  • Verdicts and Settlements




Effective Calls to Action (CTAs)*

A call to action is designed to prompt a potential client to click it and continue on the conversion path.  EVOLVED legal PPC graphic designers create engaging call to action button and banners on our law firm websites, which increase conversions and new client acquisitions. EVOLVED legal PPC conversion micro sites include the following:

  • Live Chat
  • Free Consultation Form
  • Video
  • Click to Talk
  • Call to Action Buttons (CTA’s)

“Speak with a EVOLVED [Location] legal PPC consultant today, to get a free legal PPC conversion website consultation”

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