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EVOLVED Evolved law firm mobile PPC marketing is now more relevant with so many potential clients searching the web on smartphones and tablets. For law firms, an optimized mobile PPC strategy has become a necessity. The expert legal advertising team at EVOLVED legal know the importance of implementing an effective mobile PPC platform.

Digital research statistics reveal that half of all internet searches take place on mobile devices and that number is expected to grow. Industry analysts tell us 2015 will be the year mobile will surpass desktop usage. A winning mobile strategy requires a new approach, a forward looking approach, a mobile first approach.

Today, mobile PPC (pay-per-click advertising) is imperative for any law firm to ensure a broad and continuing reach. Due to a limited display area, mobile PPC ad format demands skilled copyright and key wording to receive maximum coverage. Limited space means fewer ads are shown on mobile-friendly devices.

“Speak with an EVOLVED Mobil Legal PPC consultant today, to get a free 1-800-552-6463 1-800-552-6463 legal PPC advertising consultation by calling 1-800-552-6463 1-800-552-6463” 

Google has recently added a ‘call only” feature to AdWords which can be added to an existing campaign or launched as a call-only campaign. Instead of taking callers to a law firm’s website, a live phone icon is displayed. The firm’s URL still displays, but just for branding purposes. EVOLVED Legal PPC testing has shown the call-only feature to work very well in targeted practice and geographic areas, reaching potential clients, lower in the marketing funnel, who are ready to retain legal services.

EVOLVED Evolved Legal PPC years of digital advertising experience have been built on legal best practices. We understand the legal and bar regulatory requirements that apply. We understand the need for straight forward ad copy, and the need to protect the integrity of a law firms brand at all times.

At EVOLVED Legal, we understand the mobile PPC market, and the mobile legal demographic and potential client search behavior. We also understand and have extensive experience in the online legal advertising market place. That makes us the perfect choice for law firms looking to create a successful PPC campaign within the mobile and search markets.

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