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EVOLVED Evolved Geo Targeted Google PPC Campaign Analytics and Reporting

“Finally, Geo targeted Google PPC advertising done right." 

At EVOLVED Evolved PPC, we use data and analytics to ensure our approach is working for our clients. Our goal is to create a successful plan that fulfills your business goals. Our clients often come to us seeking to:

  • Upgrade their ranking (position on the page)  
  • Increase traffic to their website
  • Improve conversions,
  • Keep costs down,
  • Generate good quality inquiries 

At EVOLVED Evolved PPC.  our job is to take all the data and data related questions and come up with a coherent, winning plan that stays within the budget/.

“An EVOLVED plan that turns traffic into phones ringing, and money in the client’s pocket.”

By importing Google Analytics directly into your Google AdWords Account, this is the type of data you can acquire

  • Your sites bounce rate
  • Average time someone stayed on your site
  • Which parts of the site are most visited
  • Which parts of the internet did visitors come from
  • Average number of visitors
  • Unique visitors
  • CTR (click through rate)
  • Referring website
  • Visitor trends

At EVOLVED Evolved PPC, decoding patterns and analyzing data is what we do best. We then apply what we've learned to design a custom campaign which ultimately leads to more conversions and increased revenue for our clients. We continuously provide updates to our clients so they can see how their campaign is progressing, with valuable information such as:

  • Performance Reports Available;
  • Performance by date
  • Ad and keyword
  • Paid & Organic
  • Top Movers
  • Geographic
  • Budget and Bid
  • Audience reach and frequency
  • Sales and conversions
  • Goal related data
  • And more

EVOLVED Evolved PPC advertising management uses proprietary technology and experience to analyze and manage national and multi-location accounts and deliver:

  • Increased Client Volume 
  • Increased ROI
  • Increased PPC Click Through Rates
  • Increased PPC Conversions
  • Increased PPC Budget Control
  • Lower PPC Cost Per Conversion 

EVOLVED Evolved PPC is the leading provider of local PPC advertising campaign management and conversion platforms. EVOLVED PPC’s proprietary technology empowers brands to manage multiple local PPC advertising campaigns and micro sites across web, mobile, and tablet platforms. The EVOLVED PPC advertising platform is available as a turnkey hosted service (SaaS).

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