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“EVOLVED Evolved AdWords bid management helps brands generate more business online by developing strategic search advertising campaigns utilizing cutting edge tactics & proprietary technology."

If you are new to AdWords, it is suggested that you use a manual bidding strategy. Over time and with experience, an automated bidding strategy is probably the way to go. Bidding strategies take time to learn. Advanced or automated bidding strategies, such as ROAS (return on advertising spend) or CPA (cost per acquisition) should be field tested, to decide on the best strategy for your industry and your company.

Depending on your business goals, i.e. sales, conversions, branding, etc., a specific bidding strategy or strategies will work best for you.The simplest and most common form is keyword-level bidding. Other levels include product groups, topics, or dynamic ad targets. Adjust your bids for your keywords or targets until you reach your targeted goals. Consideration must always be given to the company budget.

Keywords can simply be defined as the way people search. Long-tailed keywords are a string of words that people type into the computer when they are searching for information. Since there are a myriad of ways in which people can and do search, it is best to use a Keyword Tool.

Google’s AdWords Planner Tool is a free online research tool that can provide suggestions for the Search Network, Display, video ads and apps. It generates hundreds of relevant keywords and their associated suggested bids. It also provides numerical values on the approximate volume of people searching for a particular keyword. Searches can be further broken down nationally, locally or regionally.

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The Google AdWords Planner Tool is a must-have tool for anyone looking to build a strong list of relevant keywords for their paid campaign; find words you may never have thought of.

Return on investment(ROI) is always the bottom line when it comes to online marketing. It seems too obvious or commonsensical to say your marketing spend should never exceed your profits. Nevertheless, it’s a rule of thumb not always practiced. Consider your performance goals and bidding strategy carefully.

Bid adjustments can be made to optimize performance across different segments of traffic, such as device, location, time of day and audience. For example, if mobile is driving more conversions than tablets, you can increase the bid by say 10%. This would mean a bid $10 would now be $11.

By concentrating on what works and minimizing what isn’t working as well, your campaign is more efficient and yields more conversions. And always test, test, test.

“EVOLVED PPC is the leading provider of Evolved AdWords Bid Management and conversion platforms. EVOLVED PPC’s proprietary technology empowers brands to manage multiple local AdWords Bid Management campaigns and micro sites across web, mobile, and tablet platforms.”

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