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Need a good reason to advertise on Facebook? According to Pew Research Center, “Facebook continues to have the most engaged users” The numbers certainly support this statement: 

  • 1.8 million people visit Facebook every day, 
  • 72% of adult internet users are on Facebook
  • 62% of the entire adult population uses Facebook
  • 70% of Facebook users log on daily; this number has been unchanged since 2014. 
  • 43% of daily users log in several times a day.

Can you afford to not have a presence on the most visited social media website in the world? 

While all of this may sound very daunting, it’s not. Our creative team will establish a beautiful Facebook Business Page, where you can communicate directly with customers, helping them learn more about your business.


"EVOLVED Evolved Facebook PPC Advertising Has No Long-Term Contracts – Service is Month to Month

EVOLVED PPC clients choose to use us based on the value of our service, which can be cancelled any time after the first month.

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EVOLVED Evolved Facebook PPC Ads

Hoping to generate more leads for your business, encourage people to sign up for a quote or simply complete a transaction? You select and define the audience, based on what people have shared. Your audience can be as narrow or broad as you like. Select an audience based on interest, age, gender, education, relationship status, job title, and more. 

  • Select an audience based on any, all, or any combination of criteria.
  • Reach a niche audience with Facebook Paid advertising.
  • Location
  • Reach people in cities, communities and countries where you want to do business.

"Expert Evolved PPC Management Experience!

We have years of experience and bring customer service to a whole new level by taking the time to understand you, your business and your goals."

Messaging on your Facebook Business Page

What better way! People love to send instant messages. An increasing number prefer instant messages as their default method of communication because it’s instant, it’s convenient, it’s personal. Facebook makes it easy. Have conversations with people right from your Facebook page -

  • Hear customer opinions
  • Answer questions
  • Give information
  • So much more….

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