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Location Targeting

Campaigns on either the Search Engine Networks or Display Network can choose the location where their ads will show, such as,

  • Countries,
  • States,
  • Cities,
  • Neighborhoods,
  • Radius

Location targeting allows you to get as broad or granular as you like.

Location targeting does not, however, necessarily mean you are linking to a site that is customized for that location. A customized local website makes all the difference for many brands and services.

EVOLVED PPC is a scalable, technologically advanced automation platform that allows the building of a single website or hundreds or thousands of local websites.

A Targeted Ad Campaign that connects to a targeted local website is one the most relevant and significant ways to implement a successful PPC Campaign.

Whether you’re looking to build out a network or already own your own, EVOLVED PPC can catapult you to the top of the search engines with high ranking local websites and unsurpassed expertise in this area of online marketing.

So, why build one website and stop, rather than building on a platform that can grow at your pace?

Local websites remain in top ranking positions long after your paid campaign has shut down.

Typically, local organic results will rank higher and maintain their top position longer with little to no optimization.

Benefits of EVOLVED Geo Targeted PPC campaigns

  • Increase relevancy
  • Bull's eye precision with targeted websites 
  • 24/7 coverage on the web
  • Keeps costs down
  • Easily & quickly managed changes 
  • Keeps content fresh
  • Easily rise to top of search results for relevant terms
  • Massive exposure on the web

Local Advertising

More than ever before, local search influences where consumers choose to spend their money. With new trends in local search shaping how customers find brands in 2016, it is essential for national brands to adjust their local strategy to the evolving search landscape.

Over 50 percent of consumers who performed a local search on their smartphone visited a business within 24 hours. The local web has become extremely impactful for businesses with multiple locations and service areas. 

The EVOLVED PPC platform can help you keep costs down right from the beginning.

Relevancy Saves Money

Relevancy is one of the criteria Google relies on heavily, a key metric.

Google defines relevancy as, “how closely the elements of your campaign match what a person is looking for.”

It’s a key metric and part of another key metric, which is Quality Score. The Quality Score creates an economic incentive to create relevant ads, websites, landing pages. 

A high-Quality Score saves money. Bid Pricing (keyword price) could be up to 30% less with a high- Quality Score, or vice-versa.

It pays to be relevant!

National and Multi-Location Brands Are Investing More In Local Search Technologies.

Enterprise companies have an increasing awareness of the important role local marketing plays in driving sales for national brands.

National brands are allocating more of their total marketing budgets to local marketing, demonstrating the growing need for brands to engage with consumers closer to the point of purchase

U.S. local advertising revenues will exceed $146 billion in 2016 and 40% of that will be spent by national brands to localize their campaigns.

In 2016, having multiple location based lead generation websites will be a vital element of a successful national and multi-location business marketing strategy.

The Top Reasons National and Multi-Location Brands Choose to Localize Their Digital Marketing:

Consumers Want to Buy Locally - Roughly 97% of all consumers use online media to shop for commodities. Consumers want to buy from people that are local and will engage with them rather than buying from some large corporate entity, when consumers look to make a purchase, they want to buy from a trusted seller that is also relevant to a consumer's geographical location and a part of their local community.
Localized marketing efforts can help national business be more engaged with their target market.

Each Local Market is Unique - Communities are made up of unique variables that national brands need to consider to the needs and specifics of each local market.
National and multi-location brands need to utilize cutting edge technology in order to accomplish hyper-localization. Localized websites have become a necessity for multi-location businesses to compete, and they will need to take treat each individual location like a local business

Local Marketing Provides Better Visibility - The biggest search engines are in the business of providing users what they're looking for. People want to connect with local businesses and companies like Bing, Google and Yahoo are putting major emphasis on showing individuals localized organic search results.
It is a contributing reason why small businesses with local relevance fare better than national sites when consumers search for specific items in their region. When consumers research a product or service they need, they look for businesses that are within their geographical region.

Saving Costs - Why struggle with one website or internal pages (that diminish relevancy), when for the same cost, you could expand your reach and increase relevancy with a germane network of trusted, local websites. 
Increase relevancy across the board and you will rise to the top of the search engines for high level keywords and save considerable cost doing so.

Drive new business with the higher conversion rates you need;
let EVOLVED PPC advertising can take your business to the next level.

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