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Do you feel out of touch if you’re not tethered to your cell phone? Most people do. Such is the mobile experience. It’s not a need. It’s not a habit. It’s an addition. Mobile dependency is here to stay, because our phones have become an extension of ourselves.

It comes as no big surprise that mobile ads are driving most business. Mobile traffic is a busy highway to success. Nearly 60 % of all searches are done on mobile devices. Mobile ads that link to an easy to navigate mobile responsive websites are so important in today’s dynamic digital marketplace.

At EVOLVED PPC we engage and capture the right user at the right time in the sales cycle with mobile-responsive websites and the assist of data-driven technology and real-time metrics.

Is Your Organization “Moments Ready”?

According to Google and similar studies, consumers act on needs in micro-moments throughout the day. This shift affects not only mobile, but marketing in general.

Mobile has changed behavior and expectations. It is in these moments that brands can win hearts, minds, dollars.


  • I-want-to know
  • I-want-to-go
  • I-want-to-do
  • I want-to-buy

Is your company prepared to fill consumer expectations in moments of intention when people turn to their devices to act on a need?

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Key Findings (Forrester Study)

  • Firms recognize the sense of urgency that mobile imparts on the new path to purchase, turning to data to solve the challenge.
  • Marketers overestimate their ability to deliver to customers in micro-moments.
  • Almost no organization has the necessary capability to effectively deliver, identify and measure moments.
  • Companies that take the steps to deliver “moments ready” reap tangible results.

Mobile Urges Organizations to Adopt a ‘Moments-Ready’ Mindset.

Moments-of- Intention or Moments-of-Need have shifted the path to purchase into a collection of user-initiated or intention-driven actions. It is in these moments that consumers reflectively turn to a device to act on a need, to do, to learn, to discover, to buy something. Mobile pressures companies to deliver relevant, in-the-moment experiences to customers.

EVOLVED Mobile PPC advertising delivers the goods- local campaigns that deliver relevant content to consumers in moments of intent. Heavily reliant on data-insights to guide their strategies in these moments.

At EVOLVED, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to identify potential customers. We strive to intimately understand customer intentions and behavior We look to identify trends/patterns that inform, in order to capture customer data from all touch-points. Rich and deep customer insights drive our marketing strategies.

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