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If you’re new to PPC or just want an objective second opinion of what’s working and what’s not, an EVOLVED PPC audit can provide the assurance and/or feedback you’re looking for. Our team of skilled technicians have the talent and tools to dissect you’re PPC Campaign with laser precision. We identify the weaknesses that lead to waste and inefficiency but, more importantly the opportunities for improvement.

Anatomy of an Audit:

  • Keyword analysis - Most of the budget is wasted right here (up to 75%)
  • Analyze spending - Both historically and presently
  • Improve your Click Through Rate (CTR) with effective metrics
  • Competitor analysis - Knowing what’s working for your competition keeps us one two steps ahead.
  • Assess Landing page Quality - Have we captured the target audience.
  • Account structure recommendations
  • Determine ease of navigation
  • Identify issues with load time
  • Ensure proper installation of all scripts  

Site Audit and Crawlability

The same way human babies need to learn to crawl before they can walk, bots need to crawl your site, unobstructed, before you can be in positions 1, 2, or 3 on the search engine result page. At EVOLVED PPC we’ll make sure all your t’s are crossed and all your i’s dotted. An EVOLVED PPC site audit includes:

  • Fix duplicate content, metadata, or title tage
  • Fill in anything missing, such as alt attributes, h1 tags, etc.
  • Look for anything broken
  • Find pages that are not crawled
  • Identify outdated issues
  • And much more.

We pay a lot of attention to the front-end of things, yet, it’s the back end that’s doing the driving. An EVOLVED PPC site audit will uncover the hidden issues that you never knew existed. Issues that could be affecting your ranking and keep you from being found. Let us help you build a solid foundation!


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